The Science 

AdvoCare was built on founder Charlie Ragus’ vision that people can improve their lives through superior nutrition and fitness.

With 20 years of focus on wellness, lifestyle, scientific excellence and exemplary standards AdvoCare has proven the merits of his vision. The AdvoCare approach to nutrition, lifestyle and wellness, creates a unique formula for providing families with solutions.

By scientifically tapping into the profound knowledge of internationally-recognized experts on the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board and the AdvoCare corporate staff, we have created products that:

  • are produced to the highest quality standards in the industry;
  • use ingredients that are present in effective amounts and work synergistically for superior results;
  • reflect the latest scientific knowledge.

Nutritional supplementation is an effective approach to restoring balance in our bodies whether through the supply of vitamins and minerals, micro-nutrients and proteins, or by taking advantage of the health-promoting effects of natural products.

Our connection to nature is profound, and our expertise in understanding how the molecular components of natural products modify our own biological functions allows us to develop unique and effective products for superior and balanced health. That is the AdvoCare advantage.


AdvoCare has formed a strategic alliance with INFORMED-CHOICE to certify our products are banned-substance free.

AdvoCare values our relationships with the athletic community. With testing on the rise for performance-enhancing substances both at the amateur and professional levels, we have formed a strategic alliance with INFORMED-CHOICE to certify our products are banned-substance free. This alliance will allow athletes to make informed choices about what they decide to put in their bodies. 


  • INFORMED-CHOICE has specialized anti-doping experience.
  • Their WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)-experienced laboratory adheres to standards for sports supplements and has analyzed more samples for banned substances than any other lab in the world.
  • INFORMED-CHOICE serves as an addition to the AdvoCare quality assurance program with an independent board of experts in medical nutrition, training and pharmacology.
  • All products registered through INFORMED-CHOICE are publicly accessible and available to the general public-not only for elite athletes.
  • The INFORMED-CHOICE program adheres to regulations put forth by WADA, and NCAA as well as professional sports organizations including:
    • the National Football League
    • Major League Baseball
    • National Basketball Association
    • National Hockey League
    • Major League Soccer
    • PGA
    • ATP
    • WTA
    • LPGA
    • NASCAR


The AdvoCare program exceeds other nutritional companies' efforts in the industry and is key to opening doors to new business. 

Banned-substance free certification positions AdvoCare as a leader in the sports performance and nutrition industries.

The INFORMED-CHOICE certification program fosters business growth, adding a layer of credibility for AdvoCare and its Distributors.